Do You Need Encouragement? Accountability? Nourishment? Find the level that works for you.

Level 1: Hit the Road

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Getting to know us, getting your feet wet, finding your way.

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✔ Limited access to the membership site

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Roadmap, travel companion, pointing you in the right direction. Matthew 6:33

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✔ Everything from Level 1

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✔ Access to helpful articles (limited library)

✔ Access to recipes (limited library)

Level 3: GPS Navigation


Trip Ticket, I’m all in, GPS Navigation, actively part of the community, Mark 12:30

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✔ Access to recipes (full library)

Level 4: Road Side Assistance


Roadside Assistance,
Isaiah 41:13

Here’s what you will receive:

✔ Everything from Level 1

✔ Everything from Level 2

✔ Everything from Level 3

✔ Quarterly consulting appointment

✔ Resource of the Month


First Place For Health is successful due to its biblical approach to weight loss and overall health management, which puts Christ first and improves every area of a person’s life. This Christian weight-loss and healthy living program has guided hundreds of thousands of people to a healthy lifestyle and a closer walk with the Lord.

Finding God’s truth is the only thing that will set you free.

Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it.

Personal – your plan. Powerful – superfoods. Practical – fad-free.

Uncover the behaviors that lead to health issues.

A guide to help you lead your first group or sustain one.

What Makes First Place For Health Unique?

We need to realize that our eating is not the only part of our life that needs attention. We can lack balance and harmony in many other areas of our life, too. That’s what makes this program so unique and successful.

Christ-centered Priorities

  • Bible study, prayer and Scripture memory

Choices for Health

  • Addressing the whole person — emotions, mind, body and spirit


  • Support and accountability through small groups


A Wellness Journey for a Healthier, Happier, YOU!

Let’s Get Started!

At First Place 4 Health, we believe, committed, authentic community changes everything.  Without someone to lean on when things get tough, we are often tempted to be too hard on ourselves, or even quit entirely.  We’re more able to press onward in the face of difficulty.

We believe that after Christ, community is the most powerful catalyst for tangible, sustainable change in our health.  It’s the difference-maker in nearly every area of our lives; as Ecclesiastes says, a cord of three strands is not easily broken.  Walking hand-in-hand motivates us, encourages us, and unites us in our journey toward wellness.  Here are three ways you can join a community of friends on your journey to wellness.

Success Stories

86841-80x80“I am a truly thankful person for the First Place program. As a pastor’s wife who had stayed at the 200-pound (and over) mark for seven years, I can now say that I am 135 pounds, a size 8, and I have maintained that for a year and a half.”
–Abby Meloy

86841-80x80“I persisted because First Place 4 Health made sense scientifically, emotionally, and spiritually. Logic coupled with caring support and accountability brought me to the day the scale registered forty pounds gone forever.”
–Cynthia Ruchti


Delicious healthy recipes from First Place for Health and its members.