10+ Reasons We Should Not Quit

10+ Reasons We Should Not Quit

From Priscilla:  “When I overeat, I feel fat and bloated.  I can move better, have less illness if I’m not overweight.”

From Phyllis:  “Like the disciples said to Jesus, ‘Lord, where would we go?’  God has the words of eternal life, and scripture comes to mind when we are struggling.”

And I may not have Kaye’s words right, but she said to the effect of “don’t give up, keep going.”

Re: “the scale”, I had an afterthought:  Are we a slave to the scale, or to God?  Are we worshipping the scale instead of God?  Some of the words below you may have heard/read in our previous studies, too.  They get hidden and come out in unexpected ways.

  1. Quitting is not an option. Even though some of it may be repetition, I need to hear it again, because it hasn’t become ingrained in me and part of my daily routine.  Case in point:  a dairy serving should be 30% of our daily calcium; if I don’t carefully read the labels, I’m not receiving the calcium I should!
  2. To be in FP4H is self-care, and I need to take care of myself and receive the encouragement from others who are also struggling.
  3. Because it nourishes my soul to encourage others and also receive that encouragement from them, those who “get” me!
  4. Because I want to press on toward the goal to the prize which calls me heavenward in Christ Jesus, my personal goal, or the one that God has set for me.
  5. Because feeding my body in a healthy way and moving it is a form of worship and obedience to my Lord.
  6. To shine God’s light to others who are struggling with weight or disobedience.
  7. Because bit by bit, I’m seeing progress.
  8. Because I need to be an example of vibrant, robust health to my children and grandchildren.
  9. I’m not getting any younger, and I need to learn to eat healthily for the rest of my life to maintain my weight loss, once I’ve reached my weight goal.
  10. To constantly renew my mind by meeting new people and making new friends!

Reply below with your reason you don’t quit!

  1. I’m a caretaker for my husband; I need a balanced life to help me when it gets hard!

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      My husband and I had COVID recently. He was very ill! I was as the brink of despair. I never prayed so hard in my life! Being a respiratory therapist I was able to keep him out of the hospital. With my 30 pound weight loss I know that’s what kept me from being deathly ill myself. I had COVID but it wasn’t bad. Praise God I lost the weight so I could better care for my husband!

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    I want to be a beautiful thin bride of Christ when He returns!
    I believe it will be soon!

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    I want to experience all God has for me and to serve Him fully. At this season of life, extra weight would limit me physically and cause a plethora of problems.