Monthly archive for February 2002

It’s OK to go Bananas over Bananas!

Well… we can go bananas as long as we properly measure that banana! I have heard and been involved in some pretty hilarious First Place discussions over the appropriate serving size of a banana. For example, if you choose a very small banana, it is usually smaller around, so shouldn’t it be a little longer than 1/2 of a medium banana, which is obviously bigger around? The fact is most of us did not get overweight by eating too much fruit, so if you do go over a little on exchanges, fruit is a good choice. Nutritionally, the banana is best known for its potassium content (about 450 milligrams) in a serving. It also provides a bonanza of B6 (more than 30 percent of daily value) and more than 2 grams of fiber, plus vitamin C. Bananas qualify for eight of the 11 government health claims that link foods to

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