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Understanding the Food Exchanges

One of the most frequent requests I receive from First Place Leaders and members is, “Please help me understand the food exchange plan, especially how to count packaged foods.” I received two e-mails this past week within an hour requesting this information. I would like to share those e-mails with you and then give some steps that will help those of you who are struggling in this area. The first e-mail is from Vicki Mobley who is leading a small group in her home, and plans to start a program at her church after the initial 13 weeks. She writes…     “We have bought all the First Place materials, yet we are having a hard time understanding the exchanges and nutritional panels. We are all losing weight; the exercise and discipline are fantastic! Having a quiet time in the morning has made such a huge difference in our lives! Is

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May 2002

I am one of those fortunate people who have never had a real weight problem. Sure, after the birth of each of my three children, I had 10-20 extra pounds to lose. However, this was no real problem. I never really dieted to lose it. After a few months or so, I got close to my pre-pregnancy weight, and that was the end of it. I was okay with my weight and dress size. However, the word “exercise” was not in my vocabulary. With three children, how could I possibly have time to exercise? My husband, who is almost a fanatic about exercise, was constantly telling me, “You would have more energy and feel better if you would get some exercise.” I would give him that “look” and think, “Yea, right. You stay home and keep the kids, while I go to the gym or the track. I’ll be home

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