Monthly archive for October 2002

Pregnancy and Nursing Moms

Happy autumn to each of you! This is a beautiful time of the year, even in Texas where we do not have an extended season of “changing of the leaves.” It is also an exciting time for First Place. So many groups begin after Labor Day and I hear daily from new leaders saying, “This is the first time I have taught. Do you really think I can do this? Please take time to say a prayer for all the First Place leaders and co-leaders. God has called them to a very special ministry. Another question I am asked several times a week is, “What adjustments do I need to make for a member in my class who has just found out she is pregnant?” First Place views pregnancy and nursing as a medical condition. We ask each member with any type of medical condition to take their Member’s Guide

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Ready? No! Set? No! Go anyway!

“…and as they went, they were healed.” Luke 17:14 After speaking at a conference, a woman approached me and began talking about her weight problem. I spoke with her about beginning a walking program and she asked me this question, “When will I FEEL like walking?” I immediately opened my Bible to Luke 17:11-14, and began to tell her about the ten lepers who came to Jesus. In verse 13, they lifted their voices and called unto Him, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us.” I knew this young woman could relate to the cry of the lepers because she told me she cried to the Lord every day to help her get her weight under control. In Verse 14, Jesus told them to go and show themselves to the priest. In the Old Testament there is a long list of tasks a leper must do to be proclaimed “healed or

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