Monthly archive for November 2002

Whole Grains and Flaxseed

Whole grains can equal whole “gains” in our health! We all know the importance of getting proper amounts of fiber. Health officials are suggesting at least 25 to 35 grams a day. I just read about a study that pointed out yet another great benefit of eating whole grain. Switching from refined to whole grains can lower high insulin level, lowering the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Researchers fed overweight people with high insulin levels a diet with six to ten servings daily of food made from whole grains. All the volunteers’ insulin levels were lowered during a six-week study. Researchers aren’t sure yet if it’s the extra fiber, magnesium, or assorted phytochemicals in the whole grains that made the difference. Whole–grain breads, cereals, muffins, rice, pasta, cookies and pizza dough were used in this study. The volunteers actually preferred the whole-grain products. Another great way to increase fiber

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Move in Him

For in Him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17:28 Movement in our society has been branded with a word those of us with weight problems have come to loathe, and that word is EXERCISE. I came to First Place weighing almost 300 lbs. (235 kilos) and when I learned of the nine commitments and signed the Commitment Sheet, I only signed up for eight of those nine commitments. Exercise was the commitment I did not intend to participate in because it was uncomfortable; it hurt, and took up too much of my time. God’s Word says that in Him we “move.” I read this and fell under deep conviction, because as large as I was, I did not move very much at all. I began to seek the Lord and ask Him how I should pray. I knew that exercise would be the key that released

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