Monthly archive for January 2004

On the way… but not there yet

“…it has not appeared as yet what we shall be.” I John 3:2b [NAS] “What will become of you?” has been sighed by many a frustrated teacher with more than one exasperating student. In moments of frustration it is easy to think what is being experienced at the moment is a sure sign of what is to come – and the future does not look too promising. Brief moments of time may be a snapshot of a persons life but do not necessarily tell the whole story. Our oldest son grew taller than most of his friends when he was in elementary school and he excelled in sports. I frequently reminded him to be careful not to “gloat” because this may not be how it would always be. He wondered why I was so “negative” about his physical future. I said,” look at your friends dads and look at your dad

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