Monthly archive for April 2004

Hope Again

The winter is fading in Texas and unlike my friends in the Northeast of the United States; my yard and flowerbeds are lush with green. The yard sways with hearty blades and the beds are filled with tiny blooms; unfortunately, they are all weeds. Our winters kill the plants we love, but make no impact on the weeds we hate! It is time to give new plants room to sprout and flourish. It will take a lot of time on my knees and dirt under the fingernails. Winter for many is a distressing time with dreary days, bare trees, and shorter hours of sunshine. Spring is a time of renewal in nature and also in the spirit of many people. It is a time when nature gives us a living reminder that life can spring from a land that seems dead. It is the season of remembering that the ultimate

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April 2004

Springtime brings such excitement, full of new beginnings. Recently, our five grandchildren spent a few days with us during spring break. A fun project the first day was for the older ones to build and paint a birdhouse.   The very next day we were amazed at the warfare going on in our backyard with birds claiming and defending their new beginnings. I pray to have the same energy this spring, as I continue personal temple remodeling through First Place. I read about some healthy warfare going on in the field of nutrition lately over the USDA Food Pyramid. A new beginning for this pyramid is already underway by a panel of experts, aiming to educate the public in more detail about the importance of food choices inside each panel. Two main topics are whole grain foods and fats. I have had many questions about how this will affect the First

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