Monthly archive for May 2004

Choosing the Path to Success

When I lived in Houston for several years, as part of my job I traveled the same roads on a weekly schedule to the world’s largest medical center. There were times when I would be talking on the telephone, listening to a radio program, battling the legendary traffic or thinking about an upcoming appointment, that I would unthinkingly be driving on the “hospital roads” when I had a meeting in a very different part of town. As I would ‘awaken’ to my driving, it would be clear that I was on the wrong highway and would wonder how I could have ended up so far from my destination. They were good roads that led to good destinations, but just not where I needed to be at the time. At the university where I work, students often wonder what their ‘life plan’ is to be. * Major? * Career? * Relationships?

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Plan for First Place Success

Years ago, I heard a well-known speaker in the field of alcohol and drug addiction explain his formula for success when dealing with any addiction. In his list of addictions he even mentioned food. This formula has become my theme for success in my First Place journey. I believe that if each First Place member will apply this formula to their personal First Place journey, success is guaranteed. Here is the 3-part plan for success in First Place: My part – The work God’s part – The strength The part of others – Support This month we are going to take a look at “Our part.”   The work I may need to do is purge my pantry of food that is not a good choice. Our first step in “Our part” – the work – is to make good decisions at the supermarket. We need to go with a plan

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Message from Member Faye Sallee

I have tried every diet available to no avail. When I stepped on the scales at the doctor’s office in December 2003, I about flipped. I weighed 326 pounds, more than I ever weighed in my life. I started watching what I ate, and by the first of January I had lost 14 pounds, but was really struggling. I learned about Basic Training 101, a First Place online group for women who have a100 pounds or more to lose, so I decided to give it a try. I also decided I needed to exercise, which I hate, so I joined Curves for Women. I really thought I could do that and asked a friend of mine to join as well. I have always eaten when I am stressed and the first session proved to be extremely stressful. My mom’s cancer returned and I went to spend a week with her.

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