Monthly archive for December 2004

Give a Gift They’ll want to Return

Don’t you love giving the perfect gift! You know, the kind that causes a lot of giggles, smiles and maybe a tear or two? Finding that perfect gift and having it be a surprise adds to the delight of the giver. Unfortunately, most of the gifts I give are: * a complete surprise, but then returned * greatly appreciated, but no surprise We have begun a new tradition for our family of doing the “modified White Elephant” gift. This is taking the old ‘White Elephant’ idea that usually was a gag gift designed to embarrass the gift receiver, but the new twist is that it is something good – no gags! There is a price limit for each gift purchased and at the Christmas gift exchange, you pick a package when it is your turn, or you trade for something someone else has already opened. [Note: try to be the

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Gift of Good Health

Surrounded by the sounds, sights, and even the smells of Christmas, we are in search of that perfect gift for family members and friends. I would like to share thoughts this month about a very unique gift, the gift of “building a healthy family.” You may want to check your Christmas lists again to see if the choices are helping you build a healthy family. I have come to realize just how much of a gift “good health” is to those around you. I am in the “sandwich era” of my life where the “good health” of my parents is a daily gift to me, and so is the “good health” of my kids and grandkids. My good health is a blessing to them. We each have a part to some extent in our good health or lack thereof. Obesity in children has become an epidemic. The number of overweight

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