Monthly archive for January 2005

…AND A happy “re-new” year

I recently read a suggestion for losing weight – every morning take a long look at yourself from head to toe in the mirror. I found that it works – I lost my appetite. Memberships rise after the holidays in First Place groups across the country. We have let our appetites control our eating and activities, and take the place of responsible living. Now it is time to get back at it, and we all need a lot of HELP!   For most of us, the reflection in the mirror and the reaching new heights on the scales is what motivates us. But is that the motivation that brings lasting and satisfying results? Most of the furnishings in our house have had better days. That doesn’t mean that they are shabby or that we want to get rid of them. Many pieces were from our families and have great sentimental value.

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A New Creation

Dr. Couey, a professor at Baylor University, has spoken at First Place Conferences for many years. He has spent his life studying the human cells that make up the human body. He often says, “If you want to see God, look in my microscope.” He loves to refer to the human body as “God’s Greatest Creation.” The Bible tells us that after each creation God stood back and said, “It is good,” but after he created man he said, “It is very good.”   Dr. Couey loves to remind us that God doesn’t make “junk,” but that many of us have made junk out of God’s greatest creation. First Place is the tool that taught me to respect this body as a temple. I had formerly done a really poor job of maintaining the temple God had given me. First Place gave me back the “hope” that each day is an

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