Monthly archive for February 2005

Being Your Own Best Friend

We find the words “You shall love your neighbor as yourself…” in Leviticus 19:18 and Matthew 19:19. It is a command. It is a statement of truth. We will love others with the same standard and quality of love that we love ourselves. * Selfish * Worldly * Judgmental * Grace-filled * Hopeful To be a friend we have to be made of the stuff that friends are made. Too often friendships seem to be beyond our reach and we think it is because of things “out there” rather than things ‘in here’. Here is a simple quiz to help identify some FRIENDSHIP BUSTERS.   Negative Self Talk 1. I must have everyone’s love and approval. 2. I am not worthy of love. 3. If people knew what I was really like…   Worldly Perspective 1. You can have it all. 2. Life should be fair. 3. Your value is

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Friendship is the theme for our February e-newsletter, and as I thought about the many friendships I have gained through First Place, I feel so blessed. These friendships offer me support, encouragement and accountability. I also thought about a different type of friendship. I thought about an organization that is a “good friend” to First Place and all consumers, CSPI, the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Founded in 1971, it is an independent nonprofit consumer health group. CSPI advocates honest food labeling and advertising, safer and more nutritious foods. Nutrition Action Healthletter subscribers and foundation grants support CSPI’s work. CSPI accepts no government or industry funding. Nutrition Action Health letter, which has been published since 1974, accepts no advertising. Each month this health letter has great articles that help us protect our health. This year CSPI has been working to: Eliminate partially hydrogenated vegetables oils (with their trans

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