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Mad About You

We had our own form of March Madness around our house – it was about that time that the weather invited our children to enjoy outside activities. We had a basketball goal next to the drive and the annoying sound of “thump, thump, dong” echoing off of brick walls repeated over and over for hours. When evening came, we finally gave our neighbors some relief by calling in the restless athletes. It was a great stress relief for our teens, but it didn’t do much for the adults. As they put this home practice into action on local teams, we made many road trips and sat in every conceivable gymnasium imaginable – air-conditioned and not; bleachers, stadium seats and no seats at all; homemade concessions and vending machines. But we were not there for the facilities; we were there for our children. March Madness is less about quality basketball or

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FP Newsletter March Madness 2005

“Madness” is a term that comes to mind when I try to sort through the often conflicting information in the area of nutrition. Through the years, I have learned to avoid sensational headlines and lean heavily on the information we receive from credible institutions, such as the American Dietetic Association. A long-term hot topic of discussion in the area of nutrition is the topic of sugar vs. artificial sweeteners. I answer several questions each week about how to count sugar on the CR. First Place members are allowed to choose the amount of sugar they consume.   We do not exchange sugar in First Place, it is just considered extra calories. Therefore, if you eat cake, candy, pie, ice cream, etc., you do not count any food exchange; these choices are considered extra calories. It is a good idea to list the food choices on the CR, so the number of

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