Monthly archive for June 2005

Let the Journey Begin

A small plaque is posted on the back of the majestic Wilson Gates on the Howard Payne University campus in Brownwood, Texas. Perhaps few have actually stopped to read it, but the words from Psalm 100 state a challenge to all who come to the campus. “Enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him; bless His name.” Psalm 100:4 Students in the class of 2005 experienced one of the oldest traditions of the university, “Chime Out.” It is held on the lawn and the seniors symbolically pass the responsibility of the university to the underclassmen. As the ceremony concludes, the graduates pass through the Wilson Gates into the community, the underclassmen turn back into the campus, and the gates are closed once more. The gates invite thoughts of reflection, gratitude, anticipation and hope. The symbol of the graduates passing though the gates into the

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The journey has ended, or maybe it has only begun. On Tuesday, April 19, the USDA released the much anticipated and awaited revised Food Pyramid, newly named “My Pyramid.” Concerned about steadily expanding waistlines, the government flipped the food pyramid on its side, adding a staircase for exercise and giving consumers 12 individually-tailored models for improving their eating habits. Inside the new My Pyramid are rainbow-colored bands representing different food groups and running vertically from the tip to the base. The old single, triangle-shaped pyramid had a horizontal presentation of food categories that many found confusing or ineffective for behavior change. The new guide encourages Americans to customize their diet and exercise regime along 12 models geared to specific calorie needs and levels of physical activity. Exercise is key to the new system.   Besides the suggested 30 minutes of daily exercise to reduce the risk of chronic disease, the government

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