Monthly archive for July 2005

Re- jubilated

Wouldn’t we all like a fresh start? When I worked with university students, I was often asked if I would like to go back to that age and do things differently. My answer was yes and no. Yes, if I could possess the lessons I have learned from life and also have the energy of a young adult, but no, if it means go through it all again. Once is enough; however, a new beginning in the present, even with my scars and some regrets, would be welcomed. In the earliest days of the Jewish faith, many feasts, fasts and celebrations were introduced to them in order to keep their focus on their special relationship with Jehovah. One of these was the “Year of Jubilee.”   It was to occur every 50 years [starting the year after seven times seven years.] This was a year of rest and restoration. The land

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