Monthly archive for November 2005

Rooted in Tradition

Once a year it would be taken from the highest kitchen cabinet. The oversized colander rested in its metal frame. A large cone-shaped wooden tool waited on the counter. A large pot of potatoes boiled on the stove. I remember my father making his annual visit to the kitchen to ‘rice’ the potatoes for Thanksgiving. His strong hands and powerful forearms pressed the soft potato through the pen-sized holes to form thin strings of white. It was a sure sign of Thanksgiving. I am not sure why we only had this dish at this holiday but it was tradition . As the tradition continues, it is still a “man’s job” to do the pressing. Many times there would be large amounts of riced potatoes left over. Not everyone ate large quantities, but it just was not right for the buffet to not have a heaping bowl. Funny how some traditions

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The beginning of the holiday season is once more upon us. Many of us may be experiencing nostalgia, yearning to go back to some past period that is full of good memories. God has blessed me with a mind that seems to retain good memories and I have a hard time bringing up bad memories. A place that I become very nostalgic about is Round Top, Texas. We just returned from our F.O.C.U.S. Week at Round Top Retreat. I have such fabulous memories of making new friendships. Reunions of friendships become strong bonds after spending a week together year after year. I lost four pounds this year and came home completely rejuvenated to start my new First Place session. The best blessing of the entire week is a renewed spirit. This is a place that God always speaks to me in a mighty way. Round Top retreat is a beautiful

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Winning Words For First Place Losers

Webster’s New World College Dictionary gives two definitions for the word “nostalgia,” and each of these definitions contains a very different truth about the Christian life. The first definition given is: a longing to go back to one’s home, or home land; homesickness. This type of nostalgia is good. It reminds us that we are not citizens of this earth and explains the restless longing we all feel as we eagerly anticipate the day when Jesus Christ will come back in glory to take His chosen people home. We are called to live our life here on earth knowing that our true home is in heaven, our life here merely a sojourn in a foreign land, and that we are all traveling back to the Father, in the footsteps of the Son, under the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. The second definition listed for “nostalgia” describes it as

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