Monthly archive for December 2005


The Christmas holidays delight me. I love the music, the activities, the shopping, wrapping and family times. I hear some people grumble because Christmas has become too commercialized. I think it is great that the Christmas trees are already decorated in the stores and I hear Christmas music at the grocery store. It seems to me that people seem to be a little nicer at Christmas time and I would love to experience that all year. The Christmas holidays can present a challenge to our faithfulness to First Place. I would like to offer a suggestion that I think would be helpful in each of the four areas of First Place. Physical—Christmas activities can often make exercise and healthy eating a challenge. I have found the real key to success is to “chill out” if you have been invited to eat at someone’s home and there doesn’t seem to be

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Delightful Thoughts

I Googled the word “delightful” to see what would come up. I  got all sorts of delightful things such as candles, cakes, cookies, pies, purses, T-Shirts, and other delightful creations, but not one single site that had a thing to do with delightful exercise. Go figure that one! The dictionary’s definition of delightful is “highly pleasing.” This holiday season, I would like to give you a gift that has been highly pleasing to me as I literally walked through my weight loss journey in First Place. Now I have been known to preach a sermon or two, so what I would like to do for you is give you some of the motivational scriptures I have meditated on while I work out each day. These scriptures are food and exercise related. After each scripture, you will find what I call Rev Bev’s one line sermons.  If you want to add

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Winning Words for First Place Losers

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4 Delightful December! December truly is a month filled with wonder and delight as we remember the birth of the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Lord. For those of us in First Place, December is also a month filled with challenges and dangers as we strive to participate in the delights of the season, without losing sight of our commitment to health and fitness. However, we are not without the resources to deal with the temptations inherent in this delightful season. The key to health and balance during the holidays is found in the verse listed at the top of this writing:  “Delight yourself in the Lord.” This is the time to focus your attention on Jesus, the Reason for the season—and the Reason you make health and fitness your year-round

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