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Remember the Wonders

Celebrations are an expression of joy of past successes. * July 4th in the US celebrates independence from Great Britain. * Thanksgiving remembers the gratitude of the earliest settlers of our nation. * Christmas is a time to rejoice for the grand gift of the Christ Child. * Wedding anniversaries acknowledge solemn vows taken in the past. * Birthdays recognize the beginning of life [often untold years ago]. Now 25 years later, First Place celebrates its silver anniversary. There are many statistics that can be reviewed which represent thousands of churches, groups and individuals that had life changing experiences. More than healthy bodies have been experienced – deeper eternal things, as well, have been discovered. Self esteems lifted, families finding joy, help offered, hope found and faith discovered are but a few of the many dreams that have become realities through First Place groups. The commitment of the founders, the

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One of the definitions of the word “celebration” is to hold up or play up for public notice. This is a perfect description of what we want to do as we celebrate the 25th year of First Place. The true celebration is not for a program, but for what God has done through First Place.  Over the past 25 years, thousands of lives have been changed and many have found Jesus Christ as their savior. Through the spiritual disciplines in First Place, I have learned how to make Jesus Christ a part of every area of my life. The First Place staff had devastating news in the final months of 2005, which directly affected me and my staff position. The Personnel Committee at Houston’s First Baptist Church began enforcing an existing policy that requires full-time employees to work on the premises. I had been a full-time employee of the church,

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