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Vacation: Interval of Rest

Vacation: Webster defines as: “freedom from any activity; rest; esp., a specific interval of rest from work, study.” An interval means a break in between things. What is meaningful to some may seem like punishment to others. Some families love traveling in a travel trailer for two weeks to see some of America’ s beautiful sights; however, others would see this as torturous–the very thought of being trapped in one vehicle for hours on end and sleeping shoulder to shoulder in a travel camp site. Some families love enriching vacations, going to some of the cultural centers of the world, viewing great art, classic monuments at historic locations and fine arts productions. But to others, the idea of an “educational vacation” would be no better than a school field trip complete with a research paper at the end. Some families prefer active vacations, going to classic sports venues, watching events,

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Rest and Restoration

I am passionate about our Lord Jesus Christ and He has given me a desire to help others understand the value of caring for their bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit. As a pastor’ s mother and grandmother I fully understand the challenges and rewards of balancing ministry, family, and properly caring for ourselves. That is also one of the reasons I have committed to Bible Study. It is the catalyst to move me forward and actually applying what I am learning to my daily life. What benefit does the workman get for that which he wears himself out? Ecclesiastes 3:9 [CEV] This is a beautiful little verse tucked away in Ecclesiastes 3, the time chapter. The same thought is expressed by the Psalm writer in chapter 127:2 (CEV): It is useless for you to be early in rising while being late in sitting up, eating the bread of

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