Monthly archive for August 2007


When I joined First Place in 1981, I never dreamed that God was going to use the First Place program to help me learn what it means to live a balanced life. In the beginning First Place was just the next thing I decided to do to lose weight. Today, twenty six years down the road, I can clearly see the process God uses to help us learn how to give Him first place in all we do. The process God uses to make us look like Jesus (Romans 8:29) is nothing short of amazing. What did Jesus model for us while living here on earth? I believe three of the most important things Jesus modeled were Godliness, Effectiveness and Excellence. Let’s look a little closer at these three words as we endeavor to learn more about balance. Godliness In order for Jesus to be seen in me, I must

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Learning from Life

Live and Learn is more than a saying it is a truism. A truism is a simple truth that can have a large impact on our lives. We will learn from life, but we may not always improve because of it. The school of hard knocks may toughen us or break us. As we get older, we may become seasoned or we may just get salty. What we do with the lessons that come our way will determine if we gain wisdom or live life foolishly by repeating familiar mistakes and digging deeper ruts. “You, however, continue in the things you have learned and become convinced of…” II Timothy 3:14a [NAS] Paul is speaking to young Timothy helping him realize that tough times were coming, but he should continue with the living that leads to life. Timothy had Christian influences from his childhood, training from Paul and experience in leadership.

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Learning Perseverance

But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. – 1 CORINTHIANS 15:57 Trying to lose weight and get more physically fit is hard work! It’s a daily battle for me—or maybe I should say a full-fledged war. But I am in this for life! I refuse to allow Satan to stop me as I seek God’s strength and power for the victory. My First Place for Health story is one about learning perseverance. I have been in First Place for Health for 15 years, and I love the program. God has changed my heart and made me a different person from the inside out. He has worked in the emotional, Spiritual, and mental areas. He works to make me more Christlike. But the physical area has been the most difficult for me. God has taught me so much during this time. I continue

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