Monthly archive for January 2010

What Does an Active Lifestyle Look Like?

I have been visiting family in Budapest, Hungary for the past few weeks and it has given me a whole new vision of what the active lifestyle could look like. The apartment where we are staying is on Gellert Hill overlooking the Danube River. We have visited many sites around Budapest and it has all involved walking–up hills, down hills and from bus to streetcar to metro. It is quite an adventure just getting places, and it is all very active–no wonder the Hungarian people are slim!  They exercise all the time just to live their everyday life. Very few people own cars and public transportation is affordable for all, so they go everywhere on foot, moving from one type of transportation to another to make their way home, always carrying their bags of groceries, bottled water and even Christmas trees on their backs. Now that’s strength training on an ongoing basis!

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