Monthly archive for May 2010

Give God a Year, Change Your Life Forever

Dear Friends, If I ever wonder why I do what I do, it is answered by receiving E-mails like the one below from Kathlee Coleman, one of our First Place for Health Networking leaders.  Last week I was in Toronto and was interviewed on two TV shows about the Give God A Year book.  After reading Kathlee’s e-mail, I am once more reminded that this book writing is not about me at all, but God is doing a work in people’s lives through the writing that He empowers me to do.  I have such a love for our First Place 4 Health members and leaders and I am humbled that God would allow me to serve you in whatever way I can. I am praying that Kathlee’s heartfelt message will resonate in your heart today and that you too, will decide to give God a year and change your life

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Core Strength

The “Core” is a new buzzword in the exercise industry. Whether you are choosing a group exercise class, working with a Personal Trainer or deciding how to exercise on your own, you will hear it. There are core training videos available as well as studios and fitness programs named using the word Core.  Just Google core fitness and you will be amazed at all the information you find! Core fitness is functional fitness. It is practical for everyday life! The important thing to know is that the core of your body includes both the abdominal muscles and the back muscles.  The general consensus is that it includes all the muscles and connective tissue that attach to the lumbopelvic hip complex, thoracic spine and cervical spine. (Akuthota & Nadler 2004) In simple terms the core is the natural girdle that God designed to brace and maintain the stability of the spine,

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