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A-B-C’s of Better Together…A

For the next few months, I will write about why we are Better Together and then in July we will kick off our Better Together theme for the year at the Leadership Summit. The A-B-C’s of why we are Better Together Let us not give up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing but let us encourage one another and all the more as you see the day approaching. (Hebrews 10:25) The “A” of Better Together is Accountability.  Knowing that I will be meeting each week for 12 weeks with a group of people who share the same needs and desires as I do gives me a really good reason to do the things that will bring my life into balance. Physically – As I eat healthfully, record my food choices on my tracker, and exercise, I am assured that the scale will show a weight loss when I step on it each week at my

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A Hope-Filled New Year

Some write down New Year’s resolutions, but I would say that almost everyone thinks about what we would like to change as each new year starts. We consider: What would we like to work on? How would we like to grow? What do we need to leave behind, as we step into a new year? It’s  good to take this time to contemplate some new beginnings. And as you do, I urge you to surround all your thoughts of change with one attitude—hope!  I wish you a hope-filled new year!  Here’s a short acrostic to remember when you think of filling your new year—2011 with HOPE. H – Health.  Focus your daily habits on health. In the physical sense, this means finding time to exercise. Include both cardio and strength training. Choose wisely what you eat, focusing on foods that bring health to your body. Eat for health, asking the Lord to guide your

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Letting Go of the

Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain. –Psalm 127:1 I was a diet-aholic, using various sound (and some not-so-sound) diet plans—always losing weight only to regain it, plus some. I never made a permanent change. Sound familiar? Drawn to fad diets for decades, I found myself laboring in vain. The problem with these plans was that God was not their builder, so through them lives could not be changed completely as He desires. The one piece of the building plan missing from all other diets is the reason First Place for Health works: God is our Master Builder and has individual plans in mind for each of us. God is rebuilding this “house” for Himself, and it is not according to my plan, but His. We are co-laborers in His new project—a new me. The work is no longer laborious, but actually a pleasure when I

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