2015 is the Year to Be Fit, Strong and Free!

2015 is the Year to Be Fit, Strong and Free!

January 17th has come and gone and so have many of the New Year’s resolutions. Studies show that most people who make resolutions ditch them by January 17th. It has actually become almost a legitimate holiday. On Saturday, Jan. 17, 2015, a local restaurant offered a free dessert to anyone celebrating National Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day.  A national ice creamery offered a “buy one get one free” if you came in and declared “I’m ditching my New Year’s resolution!” The average person does not stand a chance. I would love to see a restaurant or grocery store reward those who are still sticking to their healthy New Year habits, but I have yet to find one. That is why we join and lead FP4H. It is not the average weight-loss program nor are we average. What sets FP4H apart? Just a few critical things:

  • FP4H is not a diet, it is a Live It.  We give you a biblically-based plan to live by. The first three letters in diet, are DIE. Diets do not work. This has been scientifically proven by years of research. Our plan brings life to the body and health to the bones – that’s why we call it the Live It.
  • FP4H cares about the whole person. Prayer plays a huge part in the success of any FP4H class. My class is praying for me to make it through the day not just to say no to overeating, but to say yes to Jesus and His strength in every area of my life. There is nothing like the power of prayer. FP4H makes sure the spiritual part of me is not neglected.
  • FP4H will teach you the truth. Bible study and Scripture memory are what will set us free to a new way of thinking, which leads to new behaviors. You can do it for a little while with white knuckle determination, but there will come a day (usually by January 17th) when you can no longer sustain the changes. We cannot transform ourselves; God is in the transformation business. He is the one who will start and finish this thing.

This is serious business. One dear friend approached me this week and said, “I cannot afford to take this class right now.”  She is morbidly obese and has resulting health issues. My response: “You cannot afford to wait any longer.” I told her the truth. Lives are at stake here. Please don’t quit! If you have already quit, find a class and start or start over. February is not too late. Those who have quit are looking for the answer. Success is in the process and it will come if we place our weakness and failure in the hands of the Lord and don’t give up. 2015 is the year to be fit, strong and free. FP4H is there to help.

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