A-B-C’s of Better Together…A

For the next few months, I will write about why we are Better Together and then in July we will kick off our Better Together theme for the year at the Leadership Summit.

The A-B-C’s of why we are Better Together

Let us not give up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing but let us encourage one another and all the more as you see the day approaching. (Hebrews 10:25)

The “A” of Better Together is Accountability.  Knowing that I will be meeting each week for 12 weeks with a group of people who share the same needs and desires as I do gives me a really good reason to do the things that will bring my life into balance.

  • Physically – As I eat healthfully, record my food choices on my tracker, and exercise, I am assured that the scale will show a weight loss when I step on it each week at my meeting. Even when my weight stays the same, I can be confident that all my hard work will pay off over the 12-week session.  As I do this, my life comes into balance physically.
  • Spiritually – Each day I complete my Bible study so that I am ready to discuss

in class what I learned that week.  I read my Bible, memorize a verse of Scripture and pray each day so I become closer to Christ and find balance spiritually.

  • Emotionally – I reach out to my fellow class members each week by praying for all the prayer requests and by contacting my prayer partner in some way with a phone call, note or e-mail. When I do this, I find emotional balance, knowing that we are Better Together because we are there to pray and support each other.
  • Mentally – As I practice the physical, spiritual and emotional disciplines of the FP4H program, I find that my thinking begins to line up with my behavior.  When this happens, I realize that I am truly becoming balanced in all areas.  I no longer believe the lies from the enemy, because I have made myself accountable to my Lord and to my FP4H class as well.

Without the accountability of knowing that I am going to show up at my FP4H class each week for 12 weeks, I probably wouldn’t do half the things listed above.  Usually, when my life is not in balance in one area, it quickly becomes unbalanced in all areas. Being accountable to my FP4H group makes it so much easier to do the daily things that will bring me to total health and wellness.

In February, I’ll talk about the “B” of Better TogetherBelonging.

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