A Better Way

A Better Way

Could it be any more confusing on how to lose weight and get healthy? So many different plans and programs. Eat more protein, eat more fat, no carbs, intermittent fasting, all liquid diets, good grief, surely there is a better way! Could the answer to my weight problem be in the Bible? In our new study A Better Way, author Debbie Behling takes the paradoxes found in the word of God and reveals A Better Way to health and wellness. Think about these for a moment:

  • Lose your life to find it.
  • Be weak to become strong.
  • Give away to receive.
  • Be hungry to become satisfied.
  • Serve to be honored.
  • Walk by faith and not sight.

These are just a few of the paradoxes that Jesus taught during his ministry. As cited in the Introduction, “The kingdom of God is upside down from our world and our natural instincts. We want to satisfy our physical hungers, but God wants us to hunger after righteousness. How do we live in the upside-down Kingdom of God today? How can the lessons of the Kingdom that Jesus taught relate to our healthy choices and wellness journey? This study, A Better Way, answers these questions…”

Are you tired of the trying to get healthy the world’s way? Check out our new bible study A Better Way  and discover for yourself the true way to health and wellness.

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