A New Chapter

Dear First Place 4 Health Family,

Erin DuBroc, our FP4H Registered Dietitian, has resigned to become a full time Mom.  Erin came on staff in January, 2007 and helped write the food plan for our new First Place 4 Health program.  Although Erin won’t be in the office any longer you will still have the pleasure of seeing her on our FP4H DVD’s.

Below is a letter Erin wrote to the staff here at the church.  If you would like to send Erin a card, you can send it to 7401 Katy Freeway, Suite 337, Houston, Texas 77024.

Dear Staff,

What a blessing it has been working at Houston’s First Baptist with First Place 4 Health.  I have so enjoyed getting to know many of you over the past 2.5 years and always being greeted by sweet smiles in the halls.  My experience here has been such a blessing and one I’ll never forget!  I’ve taken a new and exciting position and will be leaving HFBC this Friday.

I have to admit, the pay is a whole lot less, there will be no raises or bonuses, and the hours are a lot longer.  I have to work nights and weekends, I don’t get vacation time or sick days, and I have to work all major (and minor) holidays.  But my new boss?  He is super cute!  And the person reporting to me – absolutely precious from what I can tell!  I suspect this little person and I will be having lots of “working lunches”, “performance reviews”, and “team building exercises”.  I’ll be meeting him or her around May 22nd when they make their entrance into the world.

In other words, I’ll be a stay at home mom or as I like to say, a “domestic engineer”.  I plan to do some part-time work as an RD once I get my bearings, but for now I’m looking forward to the blessing of staying home for a while.

I hope to continue to run into many of you in the halls on Sundays and at various church events!

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