A Thankful Heart

For the Mighty One has done great things for me—holy is his name…
– Luke 1:40

My book, A Thankful Heart, came to be because of the lessons I learned through times of great loss. My husband, Johnny and I have experienced financial losses, Johnny’s cancer and the death of our daughter Shari. We have survived a fire in our home, which necessitated moving out for three months. We woke up one morning to a flooded house, when our washer got stuck on the fill cycle and water poured in all night.

As I thought of all these losses and challenges of the last 25 years, I realized that through it all and in it all, God has done great things for us. Every single event has been a time we learned more about God and His will for our lives. He has done great things for us, because we are His children. He restored our financial ruin and turned it into financial stability. He has sustained Johnny’s life for eight years after being told he might live for two years. He has helped my son-in-law, Jeff, finish raising their three wonderful girls after the death of Shari in 2001.

Our God is Holy and worthy of our praise and thankfulness. He does great things for us, because of His character. He is love, righteousness, holiness, patience, kindness, goodness, grace and mercy personified. Yes, God has done great things for me and He has also done great things for you. Why not thank Him today?


O God, You have done great things for me—Holy is Your name.

 Write about the great things God has done for you during seasons of loss. Thank Him for His love and care for you.

Carole Lewis

First Place for Health National Director Emeritus

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