Active Memories

I think that all of you will agree that music can have a powerful uplifting influence in your life. You’ve already experienced the fact that it makes it easier to memorize Scripture, as you have learned the verses that go with your First Place Bible studies that are set to music. Don’t you find yourself humming the tune as you review your verses? And when you hear the tune, don’t you find that the verses come back to your mind effortlessly?

We’ve all experienced hearing a particular song and the tune itself brings back a memory of a particular time in our life when that song was important to us. Sometimes that recall is so powerful that it brings back unexpected emotions of joy or sorrow to the point of tears. There is power in music! It is a gift from God and I believe He has given this gift to us for us to explore and experience in many ways, all for His glory.

One thing I would encourage you to do is to add the power of music to your workout! You can choose your favorite Christian CD or create a playlist and listen to a variety of your favorite uplifting songs while you jog or walk. That’s powerful! You can purchase the First Place Fitness DVDs where you can exercise to your Scripture memory music.I pray that as you add the power of music to your workout that you will experience God’s blessing and power as you take care of His temple, your body!

Jeannie Blocher