April 2003

For the first time in my life with this program, I have put Christ first in my life. Every morning when I get up, the first thing I do is my scripture reading and Bible study. I pray and try to remember to do my prayer journal. I am really enjoying this program and look forward to doing what is expected to succeed.

I was a heavy pop drinker and have really been pushing the water. I am a diabetic and weighed 392.2 pounds when I started this program January 7, 2003, through South Lansing Christian Church in Lansing, Missouri. I also have Hepatitis C and Arthritis. The women in my class have been a tremendous support, but my biggest supporter is our Holy Father Himself

In my first month of this program, my sugar level has lowered; I am counting calories and have learned to do my exchanges. I am proud to say I have lost 16 pounds and 7 inches. My main form of exercise is doing water aerobics at the spa. I am increasing physical exercise in small increments.

The more I go to these classes, the more excited I become. I tell just about everyone that crosses my path about what our Lord is doing in my life right now. I just wanted to say thank you for this program. It is wonderful. I have a good start and look forward to continuing.

Barbara Jones
Lansing, MI


Hello Nancy,

Thanks for your email! I have settled in well to my new home here in Krasnodar, and now that the adrenaline of arriving has worn off, I’m getting used to “daily life”. I have been able to start a First Place group among some of the American missionaries—we just had our first meeting this past Sunday. There are only five of us, but we’re a committed five! One of the ladies had tremendous success with weight loss a long time ago (and has maintained her healthy weight), implementing the kind of disciplines that we do in First Place, so she will be a wonderful resource for us. Her main reason for being in the group is for the fellowship and encouragement. It’s easy for us to get lonely when we don’t know our host language very well, and we therefore long to develop relationships with others who share our own “heart language.” Anyway, I’m excited about the group and the relationships that will grow throughout our session together.

Hope all is well with you and First Place in Houston!

In Him,

Sharon Neufeld
East West Ministries, Intl.
Krasnodar, Russia