Are You Up For A Challenge?

Are You Up For A Challenge?

I do better when I have a goal. I reached my healthy weight goal in 2010, losing 116 pounds in four years. At first it was easy to maintain at my goal weight, or close to goal. Then I gave myself a little leeway.

My mentor suggested a five-pound buffer. I thought ten would work better. Ten years later, I was 15 -17 pounds over my goal. Then 2020 arrived and like so many, the scale number crept up. Yikes, I was now 34 pounds from my healthy weight.

It was time for a challenge. On January 1st, 2021, I set a goal to a lose 21 pounds in 2021. The challenge worked, as did the assistance of my accountability partners, my weekly group meetings, and following the Live It Plan. I lost 19 pounds and I was glad.

During 2021 my group completed the updated Be Free Bible study by Gari Meacham. This was my second time through this study. I remembered when I did the study previously, Gari doesn’t hold back. She asks tough questions. She “pokes the bear” and points out the “elephant” in the room. I got more out of the second session than the first time I did the study. It was challenging, just what I needed.

In week ten, “Free for Life” Gari lists four biblical layers of freedom:  Struggle, Awakening, Change and Resolve. I’m resolved to stay healthy. I’ve maintained or at least tried to maintain a healthy weight since I started First Place for Health back in 2006.

During the “Be Free” session, the study challenged us to discover our healthy life weight. We assessed our goal weight. How did we determine the weight? Who did we consult? Did we ask God for our personal “life” weight?

The Lord helped me discover a new number and it’s lower than the number that I’ve had for the last 16 years. I won’t bore you with my negotiation tactics as I wrestled with the new lower number. It took me awhile before I realized the Lord’s plans are always better than my own.

So back to the question of the day. Are you up for a challenge? My challenge for 2022 is to lose 22 pounds. For those of you doing the math, the number is seven pounds lower than my original healthy weight. Praising the Lord for my new goal.

I need challenges in my life. I am excited to be on this journey with you. Join me with your own challenge for 2022. What challenge are you going to make for yourself? Comment below and we can encourage each other.

Helen Baratta is Director of Development for First Place for Health. In 2006, obese and unable to walk without pain, Helen surrendered to the Lord, and He transformed her life. She shed and now maintains a 100-pound weight loss. Helen is author of the book Restored! Embracing Weight Loss God’s Way.

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    I’m very thankful for prayer partners in our Zoom group who I text when I start to exercise; it encourages them AND me to exercise! I weighed less on January 1 than I did at the start of last year, expressed the goal in our new January study to lose 1/2 lb/wk, and with God’s help, lost twice that last month. After over 3 years in FP4H, it seems to finally be clicking. So be encouraged, all–some of us are sloooow learners! I’m praying to get to the top of my healthy weight range this year, and then lose more in 2023. I do appreciate Gari’s studies, and am not sure yet what the number on the scale is that God has for me, but trust that He will reveal it in HIS time, not mine. I believe He knows that I couldn’t handle too large of a number at once. I’m just grateful to make it day by day, step by step. God is so good, patient and kind; let’s give Him ALL the glory!

  2. My goal is to lose 30 pounds in 2022. I have started water aerobics and Mimi trampoline. I have a support group in my family all around the USA. We call ourselves family fun and fitness.

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    I’m challenging myself to lose 17 lbs this year. 2 down already. Thanks for all the First Place group does to help us.

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    I’m in for the challenge. Praying for you. Also praying the Lord will show me my goal weight.

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    In the last 11 months with God’s help and FP4H I have lost 49 pounds. My goal for 2022 is at least 42 pounds gone (50 would be even better). At that rate I will reach my tentative goal in two years. At that point my PCP and God will help me determine if I still need to lose a bit more or not.

  6. 22 is a great number for me. Thanks for the encouragement!

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    Go Rebecca. Glad the challenges are helping.

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    From the start of the Healthy Holiday Challenge, until this morning I’ve lost 14 lbs, using the Live It tracker, and being more faithful in exercise. 14 more lbs and I’ll be at my goal weight. I’ll join you in your challenge by setting a goal of 15 lbs off this year. Thanks for all that you all do to encourage us in our trek to a healthier life!

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    Maintaining my current weight. (Far lower than I ever would have determined. God knows right?) 2x’s a week of strength training is my 2022 challenge.

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    I’m up for the challenge! Not sure of the amount yet I will let God lead me in that. I will be praying for you. Please pray for me.

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