As pastor of Southeast Baptist Church in San Antonio, Tx.

As pastor of Southeast Baptist Church in San Antonio, Tx., I have slowly, over the years, inched my way up in pounds gained. The potluck dinners, the low activity level, and the stresses of the ministry have all contributed to my unhealthy state. I have tried all my life to lose and keep the weight off.
I decided, for better health reasons, to join FP4H to see if it would work for me. As I began to mold my new lifestyle into a better, emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical person, I was surprised to see the weight began to come off. It was hard to believe that I could go through each day without being hungry and yet see the pounds drop. At the same time, I found myself becoming even more disciplined in my Bible study, devotional time, and exercise habits. Even as a pastor I was being drawn closer to God than I had been in a long time. My stress level began dropping. I found myself having a new attitude toward the everyday strains of the ministry. I found myself repeating verses of Scripture that would help me through problem situations. Scripture memory was never my forte, but God has opened my eyes to a completely new way of honoring Him.
Now, 24.2 pounds lighter after my first 12-week session in FP4H, I have so much more energy and feel spiritually, emotionally, and mentally stronger than I have ever been.
My new lifestyle has affected the church members as well. I find them asking about how I am losing all the weight. I give God all the glory and tell them that without God’s help I could not have done it. I have prayed that God would help me change my lifestyle so that I could become stronger in all four areas of life, and He has truly been faithful to help me complete it.
This is only the beginning for me. Yes, I still need to lose at least that much more weight, but I am looking forward to continuing my closer-than-ever walk with Him. I praise him now for what I know He is going to help me accomplish.

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