Attend or Host — The Choice is Yours

Attend or Host -- The Choice is Yours

When I attended my first wellness event in 2008, I discovered like-minded individuals who shared my journey and embraced the spiritual truth of a healthy lifestyle.  The testimonies of success and their honesty about the ups and downs inspired me. I left knowing I was not alone and had new friends to help me navigate the challenges I would face along the way. Ten years later, I am committed to help bring events to anyone who wants to host an event.

Why should you attend an event? 

  1. To build relationships.

We believe committed, authentic community changes everything.  Together we are stronger. We are more able to press onward in the face of difficulty.

  1. To benefit from new ideas.

Only God’s Truth has the power to radically transform lives.  Hearing the ideas of those who have been very successful is a wonderful opportunity to learn. If you treat the event as a learning opportunity, you and your group members will find them beneficial.

  1. To be motivated.

Leave with new ideas, inspiration and a sense of motivation. When you are placed in a room with others seeking to place Christ first, it is hard not to go home without thoughts and ideas about the next right thing to do. Who knows? You too could be a motivator for someone else at the event.

Interested in hosting an event? We hope so.  The following lists the responsibilities of FP4H and the host.

First Place 4 Health provides: 

  • Motivational speaker for the event.
  • Agenda intended to encourage, inspire and equip.
  • Online registration through website.
  • Publicity, including flyers, press releases and email
  • Travel expenses for the speaker
  • Budget to cover food: snacks, beverages, and a meal.
  • Materials, handouts, and door prizes.
  • Event coordinator.

       The host provides:

  • Meeting room to accommodate 20-65 attendees.  Locations could be a church, gym, community center, library, or any large private meeting space.
  • Name of a local business or person who specializes in meals for large groups.
  • Handful of volunteers to serve as greeters, registration, setup, and help with our bookstore.
  • Hospitality for speaker. Some speakers enjoy staying in homes and others prefer to stay in hotels. If they stay in a hotel, FP4H will build this cost into the event registration fee.
  • Transportation for our speaker.
  • Point person to serve as the contact to answer questions and coordinate the volunteers.

If you want to join us in bringing an event to your community contact, 800-727-5223, x1004.

Helen Baratta is an author, speaker, coach, group leader, triathlete and nationally certified fitness instructor. She serves as Director of Development for First Place 4 Health. Check out her book Restored! Embracing Weight Loss God’s Way available at our online bookstore.