Attitude of Gratitude

The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.
Psalms 126:3

Yesterday, I was wiped out.  I was sad at the death of an elderly friend, discouraged at learning that another friend’s cancer had returned and frustrated from trying to teach a class of students who had given me their silence and their attention for exactly 10 minutes.  I hadn’t followed my food Live It plan, and I was angry at myself.

When two friends came over to walk with me, I started to fill them in on my complaints.  As I was talking, I listened to myself and felt ashamed.  I had left all those issues at God’s feet in my daily prayer time earlier that day.  To change tack, I said, “Hey, let’s take turns saying what we’re thankful for.”  My friends were surprised and alittle skeptical, but they decided to humor me.  What started out slowly and hesitantly turned into spontaneous outbursts of gratitude and even some accusations of “Hey, you took my turn.”  “I’m thankful for a warm bed!” “Flannel sheets!” “Family!” “My savior!” “Night sky!” “Prayer!” “Healthy eating!” “Opportunities to encourage others!”

As we rounded the corner toward home, I had once again gained God’s perspective on my life.  Thankfulness can do that to a person.


Lord, please forgive me when I focus on the complaints of life rather than on the great things You have provided for me. Cause me to have a grateful heart in all circumstances. Thank You for the many ways You take care of my every need, Father.

Journal:Make a list of 10 things God has provided for you and then write a simple prayer of thanksgiving.

Barb Lee
Normal, IL

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