Back to the Basics

Do you need a “basic” fitness program? Do you need to start with something simple and doable, something where you can feel success and make progress one step at a time? Do you want a program where you can feel ‘safe’ and have confidence that you will not be putting yourself at risk for injury?

Many fitness facilities these days are realizing that a huge segment of the population is looking for this type of fitness regimen. People have limitations and injuries that they are already dealing with—but they want to keep exercising. They know they need to keep exercising! Make your interest known and ask questions if you are going to check out your local gym. The professionals there will guide you to the best program for you. Look for community fitness programs, too. There may be something at your local recreation center that will be perfect for you.

You may also choose to simply say to yourself—I know what I need to do—I’ll just put on my walking shoes and head out the door. You may have already purchased the new FirstPlace4Health Strength & Flexibility DVD that you can add, along with the walking, to increase your strength and firm up your core. There are basic options offered on the DVD so you can start at whatever level works for you and not get injured..

At Body & Soul we have recognized the growing need for an exercise program to meet basic fitness needs. With this in mind, we have developed a new program called “Basic & Beyond” where class members can exercise standing or seated and modify exercises to work around injuries and physical limitations. The program includes a cardio section, strength training, Pilates and stretching for a complete and balanced basic workout.

People of all ages are benefitting from this program. They are having fun exercising to the upbeat Christian music we use. They are laughing and breaking through stress as they meet new friends and pray for each other. They are strengthening muscles, seeing cardiovascular improvements and experiencing weight loss. We welcome you go to to check out our new program and see if there is one in your area. We also urge you to pray about contacting us to discuss starting a Basic & Beyond class in conjunction with your FirstPlace4Health class if you are interested.

Whatever you choose to do, I urge you to ‘get back to the basics’ and make fitness a central part of your life! God will guide you and strengthen you as you seek to take care of your “temple.”


Jeannie Blocher

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