Be Your Own Personal Trainer

How can you be your own Personal Trainer? Most of you probably don’t have the specific education to know exactly what exercise plan you should follow from a trainer’s perspective. But consider this—you DO know that you should exercise, and you do generally know what type of exercise you like and what doesn’t work for you. You do know how to walk, how to ride a bike, how to swim, right? You may not know all the names of the muscles groups you use, but you do know that you need to do both strength training and cardio exercise. And we all can follow a fitness DVD or a teacher in a class doing strength training!

You know yourself better than anyone else.
When you stop and think about it—there is a LOT you can do to be your own trainer! The thing about personal training is that it’s personal—it’s tailor-made for you. You know yourself better than anyone else. For starters, you know that you need the Lord’s help, and you know that He will be there by your side as you train physically to run this race of life to His glory. You also know where you are strong—where you can shine. If you’re a great basketball player or a dancer, get out there and “just do it.” You also know your weaknesses, too, and if one of them is getting started, you may want to hire a trained expert to help you get on your way. Or, you may just need to choose an accountability partner from your First Place group—someone who knows you personally and will ask you how you are doing. Maybe you just need her to pray for you and encourage you! Who knows? She may be looking for a training partner, too!

The ultimate personal trainer is the Lord
Remember above all, that the ultimate Personal Trainer is the Lord Himself. He is always available. He has paid the price for you, so there is no cost for His services. He knows your inmost being. He designed you to be you! He loves you and he will guide your mind and your heart as you seek to take care of your body, His temple. He will be there cheering you on as you train yourself both physically and spiritually to be strong for the race that is set before you!
Do I Need a Personal Trainer?

  • Are you familiar with weight equipment and cardiovascular machines?
  • Will it help you to have a professional design and supervise an individualized program?
  • Will having a trainer help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself?
  • Do you have special needs that require individual supervision?
  • Are you more motivated to exercise if you have scheduled time to do so?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a personal trainer may be right for you. You may want a trainer on a regular basis or only occasionally to update your exercise program and receive feedback on progress. Working with a personal trainer for few sessions is often all it takes for some people to feel comfortable with an exercise program. For others a personal trainer is a great way to increase adherence to an exercise regimen.

Jeannie Blocher


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