Beth Thompson

Beth Thompson

Food addictions and bad habits can be the most difficult things to change when it comes to weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle.  I know, because I have had my share of them.  In 2009, I was just stuck.  Our four children were all grown and out of the house, my husband and I had recently moved to a new city, and I was at the highest weight I had ever been in my life.  

My “weight loss plan” mostly consisted of starting off a week great, determined to eat right all week.  Then I would give in to a terrible habit of sneaking food to make me feel better, usually something sweet because of an addiction to sugar.  By that time I would eat whatever I’d want for the rest of the week, vowing to start fresh the next  Monday.  It was an endless, hopeless cycle.

One day as I was perusing books in our church library, I came across one called First Place, written by Carole Lewis.  I took it home and devoured it (pun intended)!  It made so much sense to me.  I needed God to be involved in this weight loss journey.  I was not living a balanced life in the four areas that the book talked about, mind, body, soul, and spirit. I desperately needed God’s help in all of this and to see things from His perspective..

So right away I looked for a First Place for Health group in my town.  I was excited to find that there was one.  I attended the meetings for a couple of weeks and found that this group of ladies were only using the Bible study and not the whole program.  I realized that if I wanted to follow the whole program, I would need to start a group myself.  I bought the group Leader’s kit and put an ad in the church bulletin.  17 ladies signed up for that first class. 

Since that time, I have lost and kept off 20 pounds.  That may not seem like a lot, but before First Place for Health, I had never been able to do that.   

Over these last 12 years I have learned many lessons through First Place for Health.  Here are some of the major ones:

  • I need to spend time with God every day.  No excuses.
  • I need to be honest with God and myself.  I write down everything I eat.
  • If I make a slip up on what I eat, I do not have to wait till next Monday to start my weight loss plan again.  I simply do the next right thing.
  • Leading a First Place for Health group has helped me tremendously to stay accountable to others.  
  • Exercise is essential to my well-being; I need to move in some way everyday.  It is a form of worship.

I’m on a lifelong journey with Jesus.  He is helping me make the lifestyle changes needed to take care of this body with which He has blessed me.  I’m so thankful for First Place for Health.