Beyond Free

Beyond Free

Many of you bravely walked the pages of Gari Meacham’s first Bible Study called Be Free. Hopefully, you started the hard work of climbing the hills of freedom, establishing safe perimeters of hope and tenacious belief as you came to the understanding of our Savior’s mandate “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

In Beyond Free, we’ll travel to the strong places of mature assurance. We’ll study the power of obedience and discover what chains may still hold us in of defeat. Beyond Free isn’t a place we arrive when we’ve studied hard enough and mastered self-control. It’s the brilliant knowledge that we can’t go back—we won’t go back—to lesser ways. It’s the revelation that God’s Kingdom is vast and inviting, and anything that keeps us from its fullness and pleasure must go.  It’s the understanding that Jesus wants access to the darkest closets of our hearts. Many people think if they had more willpower, they’d master their appetites and overcome their weight problem. But more willpower is not the secret. Not even close. As Gari shares in Beyond Free, freedom has little to do with our will and nothing to do with our power.

As I look back on my personal wellness journey, I have experienced freedom in Christ, and I have also experienced the temptation to head right back to where I used to be. The Bible tells us. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.  Galatians 5:1. Christ has done the work on the Cross and paid for our freedom, and it is not free. He gave His life that we might have life and live it out full blast! It’s the second part of that verse, the standing firm part that I continue to struggle with. Beyond Free will help us accomplish that part! Let’ start the New Year off together and go Beyond Free!

Vicki Heath

Vicki Heath is the National Director of First Place 4 Health. Vicki is a certified fitness instructor for the American Council on Exercise, a certified life coach and Wellness Coordinator for her church in Edisto Beach, SC. Vicki is an author of the books Don’t Quit Get Fit and Wellness Journey of a Lifetime. She strives to bring others into the Kingdom through health and wellness.


  1. Thank b you, Vicki. Just what I needed to read/hear this morning
    Love and joy as we begin this new year

  2. I have be on my weight loss journey for a year and it has been incredible. I have found my strength and my goals possible only our Heavenly Father’s love, support, and guidance. I give thanks everyday.