Bryon Drigian


I am very grateful for having joined  FP4H, and for the leadership provided by Linda, Denise & Delilah.

My wife, Doreen, had been after me to join. Because she had been in the program for a number of years, I knew the amount of Bible study, homework, and discipline required.  I was hesitant – uncertain I could do the work. However, thanks to the prayers and guidance of the group and Doreen’s encouragement, support, and purposeful cooking, I’ve had some success. I have learned to focus on God’s love for us. This energized the effort needed to do the work.

Each of us makes difficult choices every day. Thanks to the on-going influence of the Holy Spirit, and the prayers, support and guidance of the group, my success with the program was able to continue. Also, I would add that weekly participation in the group sessions is a critical component. Overall, this resulted in an additional 18lbs lost, for a total of at least 42lbs., 4 pant sizes, and the feeling of well-being intensified. And I have gained an overall feeling of wellbeing.

The program challenged me to confront emotional issues. This gave me an understanding of the relationship between emotions and overeating. I recently heard this quote, “We do not overeat to fill our stomachs – rather we overeat to fill our hearts.” First Place 4 Health has enabled me to make a decision that, no matter what happens, “I will not eat over it”.

Insight gained about the direct connection between God, and my health has motivated me to try to live more responsibly in the four areas outlined by the program: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

I am now three pounds away from my weight goal, confident that continuing with First Place 4 Health will get me there.  I also believe that the lessons learned will continue to foster lifelong healthy choices.


Bryon Drigian, New Hampshire