Changing Your Exercise Habits One Step at a Time!

We are thrilled that Jeannie Blocher, President and Founder of Body & Soul Ministries, has agreed to write a monthly article for our 2007 First Place E-Newsletters.

Did you know that your muscles adapt to the exercises you do to the point that it is important you change your exercise routine from time to time? It’s true! Your muscles can get in a rut justlike your mind and your life. You can change the type of exercise you do, such as changing your cardio routine from walking to swimming as the weather gets warmer. In fact, just changing from indoor mall-walking to outdoor walking is a refreshing change for both the body and the spirit! Change things up to walk with a friend and see how the motivation and accountability of having a partner help you get a better workout. You may need to change your strength routine to work the muscle groups a little differently, with variations of the main exercises. In Body & Soul, for example, we change our routines four times a year. New music, new variations of exercises and a new spiritual theme all re-energize the workout.

The main thing is to find something that you enjoy doing. Have you ever thought of starting ballroom dancing classes? It’s all the rage now and a fun way to burn calories. I recently met a lady in a ballroom class I was taking who said that she joined the ballroom class for the social aspect of meeting new people, but in the process she had lost 20 pounds. That is truly a win/win situation!

One last tip—it all starts with the commitment in your mind and heart to take care of yourself.You know that word “ commitment” well. First Place focuses on important commitments in many areas.

Commit to self care. Commit to health. Commit by faith and the Lord will show you what to do. He will guide you as you begin. He will be by your side as you take one step at a time. If the change you need to make is the change to start an exercise program, set your heart in that direction, share your commitment with a friend and pray. The Lord wants you to take care of yourself. He will hold you in His arms of love as you are faithful to the commitment of exercise!

Jeannie Blocher

New Ideas for Physical Activity

600 calories — Jumping Rope
323 calories — Rock climbing
312 calories — Rowing
312 calories — Kickboxing
312 calories — Playing softball
261 calories — Swimming laps freestyle
250 calories — Walking up stairs
237 calories — Tennis (singles)
191 calories — Bicycling
180 calories — Ice Skating
175 calories — Canoeing
175 calories — Hiking
148 calories — Picking up litter
132 calories — Ballroom Dancing
128 calorie s— Walking the Dog
124 calorie s— Water Aerobics

Calories burned based on a 130-pound woman exercising for 30 minutes. Other factors including, fitness, age, weight and metabolism may affect calorie burn.