Colleen Hammond

Colleen Hammond

I had been using food in place of relationships with people and God.

I started First Place 4 Health in January 2008. I weighed 255 lbs. and was desperate for change. I had been using food in place of relationships with people and God. Food was my friend, or so I thought. I knew that if I did not change my lifestyle, I would never experience God working in my life. I was embarrassed and I hated to go anywhere for fear of the looks and pity I would see from others. My fear was really about my own opinion of myself; I felt disgusting.  I was on depression, anxiety and sleep medications and nothing was working.  Nothing was filling the void I had inside.

I had to make that first right choice to join a group where God was front and center in order to start my incredible journey. Once I joined, I told God I would give my all and I did.  That first year, week after week, I cried all the way to the scale.  I thought that eating real food would make me gain weight and I was terrified of failing.  But God did not leave me; He was there the whole way.  I lost 60 lbs. that first year.  The next two years were a struggle for me, but God worked with me and I lost another 28 ½ lbs.

Just when I think I am done with my transformation is when God wants me to change another thing.  He has changed me inside and out, but He is far from done.  I am no longer on any medications and I can honestly say that the only way to break free from food addiction or any addiction is through my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  He did this, not me.

This inspirational story was taken from the new book, better together, by Carole Lewis.Available now at