Congrats to Those Reaching Lifetime Weight Goals


Please join the First Place Staff and me in congratulating eight of our First Place family members that have recently reached their lifetime First Place weight goal.


* Laurie Adornetto from Clarence Center, New York, lost 13 pounds in 3 months.
* Roberta Caringer from Springfield, Missouri, lost 30 pounds in 10 months.
* Valerie Ellegood from Decatur, Illinois, lost 73 pounds in 16 months.
* Barbara McCartney from Nelson, Nebraska, lost 26 pounds in 6 months.
* Amy Nieson from Forest Grove, Oregon, lost 17 pounds in 4 months.
* Judy Powell from Decatur, Illinois, lost 24 pounds in 4 months.
* Becky Wistwater from Decatur, Illinois lost 65 pounds in 15 months.
* Missy Zessin from Florala, Alabama, lost 10 pounds in 3 months.

Praise God! Each of these members has received a gift from First Place. May He receive the glory for the success they experienced.

We want to encourage you to fill out the form on page 163 in your Member’s Guide and mail to the First Place office when you reach your lifetime weight goal in First Place. We encourage members to set a weight loss goal with each session in First Place. You may attain your short-term session goal each time, but please wait to send this form until you have reached your ultimate lifetime goal.
We have many First Place members and leaders who reached their lifetime goal before the new materials were released. Please take time to complete this page and send it to the First Place office at 7401 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77024. You will also receive a gift from First Place, and your success will encourage and inspire others.

We would love to have a written personal testimony about your First Place journey, along with before and after pictures, for our First Place E-Newsletter.

In I Samuel 17, God shares a beautiful story of how a young man’s trust in God’s power gave strength to an entire army. David visited the Israelite army camp and found them paralyzed with fear, from a champion named Goliath, which no one was willing to fight. David, remembering the times in his past that God had delivered him from enemies, agreed to fight Goliath. Look at verse 52. God’s victory through David turned a weak army in to “shouting warriors.”

Share your victories in First Place with others. We all face giants in our First Place journey. Your personal testimony about God’s power in your daily life will give courage to others. Wait, I think I hear more shouting!

May God Bless Each of You!

Kay Smith
First Place Associate Director

Kay is the associate national director of First Place and has been on the First Place staff since 1987.

Kay is a popular speaker at retreats, seminars, Conferences, FOCUS Weeks and Workshops across the country. Kay is the First Place food exchange expert and writes a monthly article in the First Place E-Newsletter on nutrition. She also was a contributing writer to the Today Is the First Day devotional book. Her delightful personality and love for people endears her to everyone she meets, and they quickly become her new best friend.

Kay and her husband, Joe, live in Roscoe, TX. They have two children and five grandchildren. Two of the young grandchildren are making a name for themselves on the golf circuit. Two of the young grandchildren are making a name for themselves on the golf circuit, and the three oldest grandsons are all involved in numerous sporting events, which Kay and Joe attend as often as possible.