Summit 2020 – The Joy Adventure

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  1. Vicki – I have never been to a Summit or any wellness weekend, but I have really enjoyed all the speakers, the worship, and the Body and Soul classes. Thank you.

    I have been doing the FP4H Bible Studies since 2005. I attended a class in Rio Rancho, NM and it did not keep going. I enjoyed the Bible Studies and they kept me from gaining weight.

    I am now enrolled in a Virtual group and am really enjoying it. Sherrie’s testimony encouraged me today because I feel a little stuck right now. I will just keep doing the right things and trust God to help me. I have always been interested in teaching Body and Soul, but am older now so I am not sure if this is what I should be doing or can do. I have always loved to dance, and checked into Dance Blast, but never continued it. Anyway, thank you so much for all the encouragement. I have not finished the seminars, but plan to finish them in the next 30 days.

    • Hey Opal, Oh, I wish you would consider finishing up the Dance Blast! I still teach B&S four times a week and I’m 65! I agree, Sherry’s story was so encouraging. We must never quit!

  2. Thank you! Well done FP4H Family! ?

  3. Thank You Vickie for your Jubilant Jumping for Joy session and for your prayers❣️???? God Bless You & all at FP4H❣️???

    • thanks Kerry, I was just about JUMPED OUT when we finished up, thanks for attending,

  4. Things are certainly different this year, but I am thankful it was virtual because I would probably never travel to an event out of state. God truly has been in this event.
    Every time I talk to someone about FP4H, I always talk about the quality of the people who lead it and support this ministry. I haven’t finished all the sessions yet, but I skipped ahead to hear yours. Thank you so much for sharing your joy and your story.
    Blessings. My husband and I were at Edisto on Sunday for the day…ate at the Sea Cow where it is easy to consume all of your day’s calories in one meal, but we are home now and I even lost a pound. Jumping for joy!!

  5. My guess is your love language is words of affirmation! Same here, words are so beautiful and I love being able to go back and read them.

  6. What a joy to listen and be encouraged by this session! So glad I got back to and finished watching. Amen!

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