Summit 2020 – The Joy Adventure

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  1. Loved your acrostic. I knew I had met you at a FP4H event, but wasn’t sure which one. However, you told me when you said you were first at Wellness Week in 2007. That was my first encounter with FP4H as well. I am still in the race. God bless you for all you have done in this program!

    • Jan, so great to hear from you. Of course I remember our walks together at that first Wellness Week in 2007. We are all on the journey, and we must never give up. Great to see you here, friend!

  2. Loved this message – enjoying her book Soul Strong. What a lovely woman of God. We are blessed to be joined together with her in FP4H and The Joy Summit.

    • Lisa, I am truly honored that you are reading and going through the hard work (and joy) which is “Soul Strong” – thank you for encouraging me today!

  3. I will remember strong.

    • Diana, so glad you were here with us tonight and I hope we will all remember that our ultimate strength comes from the Lord!

  4. Loved your message. Just ordered your book Soul Strong. I really liked STRONG – something I am going to apply daily.

    • Oh Jennifer, this just thrills me so much – and yes, we all need to stay “Soul Strong” so I’m praying the book will be an encouragement for you.

  5. S(uch) O(utstanding) U(ltra) L(ove) STRONG for all of us Lucinda❣️?? Thank You❣️???

  6. Thanks so much for this encouraging word Lucinda!! This has been a tough season for my routine during the pandemic. You have encouraged me to not give up. Observe a daily routine is a good starting point for me. Blessings to you!!!

  7. Thank you for the encouragement to stay strong in these particularly challenging days!

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