Summit 2020 – The Joy Adventure

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  1. Wow – This was amazing. I have always struggled with answering what is my calling. I thought it was something I was suppose to be doing or be. Thank you for clarifying, now I believe if I start with my true calling and spend time with God in His word he will reveal to me what by commission is. Thank you!

  2. Loved this!

  3. Thank you for your teaching and encouragement, to look at where we are in our walk with God. To think through our walk and what is missing and not living the truly Fulfilled Life God is calling us to. I’ll definitely have to relishes and review material! Thanks again for your part in First Place!

  4. Live your eulogy—love that!

  5. Thanks for your faithfulness in your presentations. I have again been encouraged by your presentation.

  6. Thanks Becky – this was honest and REAL.

  7. Thank you, Becky. You have shown me how I need to be more intentional in fulfilling my calling.

  8. Wow!Becky this had touched me. I need prayer to fulfilling my calling, and be disciplined in my conduct. I need prayer for me to delay gratification, and live my eulogy. You’ve inspired me to do the work so that God can commission me to do his work. Thank you so much for your faithfulness in bringing this teaching to you.

  9. Wow Becky! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ CCC!!! Thank You for your informative & inspirational wisdom & words!! God Bless You too❣️??????

  10. Sharp Sister! Your Leadership skill set shine right through. Thank you for sharing these steps. Excellent presentation skills, Blessings! ?

  11. Becky – this really spoke to me. I have been a Christian a long time (47 years) and really knew my calling, always worked on my character/conduct/fruits of the spirit, and fulfilled my commission. Today, because of family responsibilities/illnesses/work, I don’t feel like I can do much, but I do have energy for it. I joined a FP4H Virtual Bible Study and love it. I talked to my Pastor on Thursday about my situation, and this morning I was on the worship team. They only sing once a month, and I can do that. My heart is for ministry, so I just have to do what I can and wait and be guided by the Lord and the pastor of my church.

    Watching these three videos encouraged me that I was on the right path. Thank you.

  12. Thank you Becky, I have always struggled on what my calling was.

  13. Wow! Thank you so much, Becky! This was one of the best and most well organized sessions of this summit so far!

    Living your eulogy is actually something God had put on my heart personally a few months ago, and thankfully you are confirming it. Thank you also for the encouragement to do the harder thing, the more humbling or more difficult thing. I don’t want to hear that, especially right now, but I know it’s from God.

    God bless you!

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