Summit 2020 – The Joy Adventure

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  1. How funny when You told the story of waking up at 4am and going to James, as it was exactly 4am for me! Thank you so much Carole. You bless me every time I hear you! God bless you xx

  2. Oh Carole! Truly full of so much good stuff. I gotta say you are so funny and crack me up with your humor! Then lastly, YES Jimmy Pena & PrayFit, I love him too, such a great inspiration. I will be watching your segment a few more times because you gave so many good points or thoughts and I couldn’t write fast enough, I kept backing it up, listening, writing and backing it up, etc…thank you!

  3. Hi Carole, so good to see you!

  4. “COVID-19 doesn’t scare me one bit!” Amen, Carole! Because you said, God knows when we will breathe our last.

  5. Enjoy Carole so much. A precious soul

  6. Loved this, Carole! Thank you! I remember years ago you told me, “Janet, you can do this!” You were right. Bless you.

  7. Amazing encouragement Carole…as always. I just bought the book on Amazon…Imagine Haven by John Burkek”. Thank you.

  8. I am so blessed by your writings, your wisdom and faith.
    Thank you for continuing to bless others.

  9. Carole’s message was wonderful as always❤️

  10. Thank You Carole for your special Spiritual Muscle session & prayers❣️???? ?? I met you when you came to Brookings SD for a FP4H event & you signed my books, I treasure that time & my books!! ?? You are so sweet, fun & loving❣️?? God Bless You??????

  11. Thank you Carole for your message. God has blessed you with such wisdom and the ability to share with others.

  12. Thank you, Carole, for the prayer and reminder to not allow fear or worry to overtake us. God’s answers to prayer are powerful!

    God bless you.

  13. Thanks, Carole. That was so encouraging. You are such a blessing to me! Debbie Behling

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