Summit 2020 – The Joy Adventure

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  1. Excellent! I listened to it twice! I want transformation. I don’t want a tweak

  2. Thank you, Karen. It is so encouraging to know that I am not the only one to believe those lies. Even more wonderful is to know that God can transform me. Am I willing to do the work?
    Love you, my friend.

  3. This was a great session. Love your thoughts. Discovery books are hard to face the truth but oh so worth it, and the books have helped change the negative past to a much brighter future that is so full of Gods transformation, and a renewing of the mind that only Christ can do. Many Blessings to you Karen as you continue to serve him faithfully and share your wisdom with us all.
    Hugs from Australia.

  4. Thank you so much for listening and being obedient to write these books! I am walking through Book 2 and it is speaking directly to my soul!
    Blessings to you,

  5. The Discovery books are difficult for me because I have spent years avoiding thinking about the things that compel me to overeat. It was just easier to numb myself with food and tell myself I deserved the treats because life is hard. God never said that life would be easy. He wants to Transform me not Tweak me and in order to do that I need to push through the painful stuff. He will be with me when I do and my sisters in FP4H will be too!

  6. Excellent session! Thank you Karen.

  7. I was “amening” through the whole seminar and watched it twice. I have been on the journey to understand my “why” and it has changed my life. I believed every single lie you detailed. The only way out of food strongholds is to understand why. We want to skip over it for fear of the pain it will bring, but God is so kind and faithful.

  8. “Don’t believe the lies in your life.” Thank you, Karen.

  9. “I want transformation. I don’t want a tweak.” Amen, Karen. Thank you!

  10. Thank you – great session! Makes me want to dig into the Discovery books!!

  11. Thank You Karen. I am nervous to get into Book 2 now!

  12. Loved this, Karen! My Place for Discovery book one was SO good–can’t wait to start on book two!

  13. Thank you Karen! So powerful. Especially today your vulnerably sharing of the lies you have believed, touched me deeply… I love you.

  14. Thank you. I have believed every one of the lies you listed. I want to be transformed!

  15. Wow! Thank you so much! This was truly inspired and Spirit-led.

    God bless you!
    Jeff and Gwena

  16. Thank You Karen for the great guidance to be brave to discover & experience my Truth & Transformation!! ???? WOW❣️⚡️?? I look forward to cleaning out my mind-body-spiritual-soul closet & my actual closet to have a new wardrobe of joy & peace❣️??

  17. Karen, your warm voice touches me every time you speak. Thank you for your passion and your willingness to be so vulnerable with all of us. You are a great blessing!

  18. Thanks so much, Karen!! Yes to transformation!!!!

  19. Beautiful, Karen. Thank you for your transparency, and your faithfulness to speak God’s truth to our hearts. Bless you, my friend. ?

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