Summit 2020 – The Joy Adventure

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  1. Above states: Past embed code in Text box.
    Where do we find the embed code?

    • Kathleen, sorry for the confusion. This was a housekeeping note. Lisa’s seminar is now loaded.

  2. What happened to the cherry tomato entree recipe? Lol

  3. Enjoyed, I’m going to make the strawberry cake now!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Skipped the pasta dish.

    • We updatated the video with the missing section.

  5. “Don’t be afraid to take whisks!” Love it, Lisa.

  6. THe one pan pasta cut out…didn’t get to see it.

  7. For the drizzle on the strawberry cake instead of water I use lemon juice or lime juice. Lemon for strawberry! Thx Lisa xx

  8. Missed the pasta entree. Is it in Lisa’s cookbook? I definitely will try the cake recipe. Looked yummy

  9. Thanks for the handout/recipes!

  10. Lord knows I need joy in the kitchen! Single Serving strawberry cake? Yes, please!

  11. FYI: For some reason the segment that was supposed to show you making the one pan pasta entrée didn’t play. It shows you announcing it but then it skips to dessert. I know that you included the recipe on the handout but I would have loved to see you make it.

  12. The video was a little choppy but I so enjoyed watching Lisa “doing her thing”, making jokes and laughing at them while making the food look yummy and making cooking healthy look fun – thank you Lisa!

  13. Love the sauce ideas to bring some creativity to my center-of-the-plate proteins! And, I am definitely going to try that sweet little single-serve cake! 🙂

  14. This was great! Loved the tips and look forward to trying these out. Thank you!

  15. Thank you Lisa!

  16. Hey guys — new video uploaded that includes the One Pan Pasta. If you want to give it another try, you can fast forward to 13:40 to catch that recipe.

    • Thanks, Lisa. I loved the video and recipes. It was so good to see you! I am excited to try the sauces. Our grilled chicken is bland.

  17. Thanks, Lisa. I really enjoyed the “tips”. I wrote them down so I would remember them.

  18. I waited to see this video in the morning while I was having breakfast. I had already eaten dinner, so did not want to get hungry looking at the video. I am trying to get my last 6-7 lbs. off.

    Great demonstration of Frozen Smoothie Bowl, Honey Balsamic Sauce and Single Serve Strawberry Cake. I will try these recipes.

    Thank you for the handout.

  19. Thanks Lisa. This was terrific and fun and so creative. Love all the tips and the recipes.

  20. Thanks, Lisa; that was great! Could you give us what to put on our trackers for each serving of the recipes you shared? Appreciate all you do!

  21. Very much enjoyed this!

  22. Lisa
    In your granola recipe you mentioned you would not use Olive oil- why not|?

  23. Thank You Lisa for your cooking demo, tips & techniques and food for fuel info!!! Looks delicious & yummy!! ??? I adore the “taking whisks” too❣️??

  24. Lisa, this was GREAT! I felt like I was really there with you and that you were talking to me directly. I wish you could have heard how many times I looked at you and said “Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?” (Spraying the honey spoon with nonstick spray, for example) I also burst out laughing when you said “taking whisks”! Good one! Thank you so much!!!

  25. Looks great! Can’t wait to try them!

  26. Fun to watch.
    Love you Lisa

  27. I love watching you in your kitchen….your happy place.
    Each recipe sounds great. Not too long ago I made your salmon with pecan/honey topping..really enjoyed it.

  28. Thanks so much!! I’ll surely print these out to try them. I’m especially excited for the smoothie bowl and the cake. Also great tip on cutting calories with powdered sugar or glaze drizzle. 10 calories in a teaspoon of powdered sugar!! Crazy!! That’s awesome!!

  29. I’ve already tried several of these recipes. Winners all! I was skeptical about the pasta dish but it was great! (I doubled the tomatoes and added arugula for the last minute of cooking instead of using spinach.) The strawberry cake was fun but I substituted half of a large peach for the strawberries and it was even better. Just used a bit of Lite Cool Whip for topping. I love that it makes just one serving. Thank you, Lisa for keeping us healthy and happy in the kitchen!

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