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July 29, 2023

A Summit Experience for Whole Person Wellness.

Break through barriers that prevents you from experiencing the abundant life God has planned.

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In person or a click away to healthy solutions


Jesus Christ holds the key to our transformation.

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God intends food for fuel and enjoyment – never worship.

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$49 jam packed practical tools & tips

Key Note Speakers

VHeath_2019 Headshot square

Vicki Heath

Vicki, National Director, is an example of a radical, but humble, devoted follower of Christ. She understands the struggle for health and wellness is real, but worth it. She dances, jumps and limps her way to health.

The key to wellness is not found in a diet, an exercise regime, or a program, it’s found in a person and His Name is Jesus. The Seven “I Am” statements of Jesus show  the way to a lifetime of wellness. The power of who you know just might surprise you!

Lisa Lewis sq

Lisa Lewis

Lisa Lewis is the Chief Operating Officer. Lisa is author of the cookbook, Healthy Happy Cooking and is a contributing author to nonfiction titles including Better Together and Healthy Holiday Living.  She encourages everyone to take whisks.

We hear all the time that if we want to eat healthy, we need to meal plan. But, in the midst of our busy schedules, it just doesn’t always happen. Plus, it doesn’t sound like much fun! Join Lisa as she shares ways to eat healthy and save money without spending time planning meals.

Carole Lewis_2019_Cropped

Carole Lewis

Carole, National Director Emeritus, is an International speaker and has authored fifteen books emphasizing personal and spiritual balance, fitness, encouragement and temperament analysis. Her audiences know her as warm, transparent, honest and humorous.

Carole shares wisdom for healthy living from her long and strong walk with the Lord.

Baratta, Helen 2023 - zoom

Helen Baratta

Helen is the Director of Development. Obese and unable to walk without pain, she surrendered to the Lord and He transformed her life. Since 2010, Helen has maintained a 100+pound weight loss. Helen’s moto: “Embrace change and say “Yes” to all that God has planned.”

In the same way I meet with my financial planner to figure out how long I need to work so the finances will last in to my 100s, I need to assess my physical health. Taking care of my body now will pay off in the future.

Even though I qualify as a senior citizen, I might have only lived 50 or 60% of my life. I’m all in for living the dream up until my last day on earth.

Seminar Speakers

Debbie Behling square

Debbie Behling

I am too busy and don’t have time to journal! Is that true for you? Journaling can be a vital part of your wellness journey and can fit into your hectic life even when done in small bits. It engages your spirit, soul, mind, and spirit in deep and meaningful ways. This session will give you many ideas about journaling: the what, why, where, when, who, and how. I will show many examples from my own journals. When you journal, you can find joy in the Lord as you express your thoughts and feelings to Him. Join me for this informative and encouraging session where we will learn about the art of joyful journaling.

Saundra Dalton Smith

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Do you struggle with worrying? Do you find it hard to go to sleep at night because you can’t stop thinking about #AllTheThings? If you have ever suffered from busy brain syndrome, this session will help you clear the mental clutter and find the peace you desire. Learn 5 strategies to include mindfulness practices within your busy day and start renewing your mind with the word of God.

preview-gallery-Charlotte Davis 10 2018

Charlotte Davis RDN, LD

Is plant-based eating better for your health?  It seems like everywhere we look, there are advertisements for “new” plant-based foods, with everyone from health professionals to celebrities promoting “vegan” diets and products.   Is it possible to eat this way and still follow First Place for Health’s “My Place for Nutrition” food plan?  Join Charlotte for this practical seminar about a very hot nutrition topic, and get answers to these questions and more!


Bill and Pam Farrel

Three vital principles and habits to pull TOGETHER for better health, wellness and fitness as a couple. Bestselling authors, Pam and Bill Farrel, authors of 60 books, will share their tried and true tips for living longer and stronger TOGETHER! Watch and take away some easy to apply and practical tools for pulling in the same direction TOGETHER . Even the busiest couples, or those with one motivated and one hesitant spouse, will discover positive habits for boosting wellness AND unity and closeness for forging a happy and healthy path forward.

Charon Gadsden - Square

Charon Gadsden

Change Agent for the Kingdom of God and Director of Real Change Ministries, faith based non-profit serving in her community. Charon believes mental health wellness is the first step in optimal physical health. She attributes her weight loss success to being able to tap into true power within, the Holy Spirit.

Lisa Michelle Jones

The goal is finding where you fit and getting fit for your purpose. Sound like a contradiction? Join this breakout workshop to find out why it’s not and how you can do just that.

We can’t be hungry for the truth if we are full of lies. I used to be so full of the lies of diet culture, I saw everything through that lens.  I used to think I needed to adapt and conform, but now I know I was designed to add and connect. So are you, my friend. Join me in this session to develop your four-step sustainability plan for being FITT:

  • Focus – the Why
  • Intention – the How
  • Train – the What
  • Together – the Who
Christin Ditchfield Lazo 2022Bsq (002)

Christin Ditchfield Lazo

In this session, we’ll explore seven secrets — seven practical skills or mindsets — that will empower, encourage and equip you to make very real progress on your health and wellness journey.

Staff Photos

Sherry Leggett

As Christ followers working toward change, we need to embrace a life of training, “getting the R.E.P.S in”. This breakout session will include learning the amazing benefits of strength training reps but also engaging the strength of the Lord with spiritual reps!

Janet McHenry

You’ve heard the expression “There are seasons for friendships,” right? Well, what if that weren’t completely true? Perhaps there are simple ways we can not only connect with each other in these post-pandemic times but also deepen our friendships. In this workshop Janet McHenry will provide about a dozen ideas to inject fun and fellowship into our First Place groups . . . and even in other relationships, too!

karenP_010 (2)

Karen Porter

Karen Porter nearly lost her sparkle, and she had no idea where it was or how she lost it. Then King David taught her five secrets in Psalm 13. Have you lost your sparkle? Discover with Karen how sparkle is a spiritual trait and how you can get it back into your First Place journey, your daily time with Jesus, and your personal and family life.

Maggie Rowe Square

Maggie Rowe

When we set wellness goals, weight management generally tops the list. While it’s important to stay physically healthy and fit, there are other things in life more vital to shed than mere pounds! Join author, inspirational speaker, and brand-new septuagenarian Maggie Wallem Rowe for a humorous, heartfelt look at all we stand to gain as we age.

Mary Ward 2023

Mary Ward

“Feelings are much like waves. We can’t stop them from coming, but we can choose which ones to surf.”

Find encouragement, helpful tools and strategies when emotions/feelings try to sabotage and get the best of you. We’ll look at what feelings are, where they come from, and how to navigate them in our wellness journey.

Christian congregation worship God together
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Come be rejuvenated and encouraged to a healthier you. Your wellness journey will feel richer with the open and honest dialogue of speakers who are walking their own wellness journey. Are you looking for a life changing experience? Summit will inspire you to a healthier you.

Anyone looking to engage in whole-person wellness that allows us to live freely in Christ.

All are welcome, no prior First Place for Health experience needed.

We believe any person who desires a healthy lifestyle can experience it through God’s truth.

We love that you want to attend Summit together. Please have each person register separately.

Consider joining our staff at Watch Parties in South Carolina, Texas, or Pittsburgh.

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The First Place For Health Participation Support Award (FP4H PSA) is made possible through the generous donations of thoughtful, caring FP4H participants that want to ensure others can participate in the FP4H program.  Our desire is that Applicants involved in our biblical weight loss program and events achieve wellness in mind, body, soul and spirit based on a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Apply for assistance at

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