David Poole

David Poole

My plan:

In March of 2011, I started my wellness plan after a visit seeing my parents (who are taking several pills in the morning and evening), failing my EKG, and the doctor telling me to lose 50 lbs. to improve my HDL and LDL.  At age 50 and 220 lbs., I started walking. Ten months and 400 miles later, I got down to 195 lbs. The Doctor was very happy and so was I. All my health numbers were showing in the good range.  During 2012, at 195 lbs., I continued walking and playing tennis and Disc golf.  I also made better food choices. But, at the end of 2012 I was at 201 lbs. Wow! I was stuck—not knowing what to do.

Now God’s plan:

I was asked by a friend from church, “Why don’t you join me in First Place 4 Health?” I said to myself, “Great! I need to learn more about healthy foods; I got the exercise figured out.”  Then on January 23, 2013, I started the 12-week class at church called First place 4 Health.” Great! Now I can learn more about nutrition. This class looked at four parts of our being: the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. I really wasn’t sure about the mental and emotional stuff.

“Ok, I can do this.” I decided to make the Bible study my first priority and I did. I did not miss one day of the study, and I tracked my food and exercise every day using My Fitness Pal at www.myfitnesspal.com. I also keep track of it on a spreadsheet to calculate the 3500 calories I need to lose 1 lb. I was very honest in tracking my food and exercise, so I could get a good analysis of my progress.  God did a mighty work in all four areas, and allowed me to lose 11 lbs. in the first 6 weeks (Praise God) then another 11 lbs. at the end of the 12 weeks. Praise God more. Wow! In all of 2012, my plan failed.

On my spreadsheet, according to my numbers in the reduction of calories, I was only supposed to lose 14 lbs., but I know because I made studying the Word a priority, God allowed me to lose 8 lbs. more. I am blessed to over flowing.

Now for that emotional and mental stuff! I would find myself getting stressed at work and the first thing I would do is hit the vending machine and find that Hershey bar; it would take all my stress away. God said, “Stop! Turn to me. Get an apple or orange; go outside and take a 15 minute walk; Cast your cares on me and I will take your stress.”  Thank you, Father.

Then the 6-week summer session started and on 4-30-13 (week 2), I tore my MCL—a 2 degree strain. I was on crutches and unable to exercise, and only on spiritual food and physical fuel. I gained weight for the next few weeks.  Wow!  My emotional and mental factors were dropping fast, but God said, “Continue in my Word.” It was tough not being able to exercise, but I trusted in God’s Word. And by the end of this 6 weeks, I lost 9 lbs. God said, “See, I have you; just keep in My Word and I will fight your battles.” And 4.7 lbs. was more than my spreadsheet said I would lose. Thank you, Father, again.  Then another 6 weeks and I lost 2 more lbs. and I’m now down to 168 lbs., 6 months later.   Goodbye to 52 lbs. of not trusting God, not wanting to study His Word and not fully relying on God for all matters.  He really does care for me. He is building me a house in heaven and I really need to do all I can do to keep His earthly temple spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically strong, so His will can be worked through me.

Now the greatest part is during the past months. Due to my weight loss, God has given me boldness to share how He has worked in my life and I give him all the credit. As I make steps, He directs my path. Thank you, Father. I have shared Your gospel. Your will be done!

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